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Mar 18

5 Ways to Take Your Newborn to the Pool Safely

“My baby is two months old, and I was wondering how soon I can start getting her accustomed to the water?” Parents with newborns often ask this question – how soon can the baby be introduced to the water? There are a number of issues involved with introducing a child to water. So what are …

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Jan 04

Ever wish you could have family time, all the time?

Happy New Year everyone … Have you made any news years resolutions ? You’ve no doubt had a wonderful break and time with family and friends over the past few weeks. Don’t we all wish it could go on forever but sadly reality is back along with the daily routines of school and work. My …

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Nov 29

Hey – it’s nearly Christmas – yum !

A twist on the traditional mince pies – meringue Topped Mince Pies  WOW! Preparation Time  40 minutes Baking Time 20 minutes Portions - 12     Ingredients 250 grams plain white flour 100 grams butter (cold and cubed) 25 grams lard 3 tbsp golden caster sugar 400 grams mincemeat Ice sugar (to dust) Topping 2 free range …

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Oct 31

Halloween – have fun but keep safe

On average, officials say twice as many children are killed while walking on Halloween than on other days of the year. Parents need to talk to kids about safety before they go out trick-or-treating. Remember most children will be out trick-or-treating while it is dark, when it is more difficult for drivers to see them. …

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Jun 15

What are your Dad moments? Make your Dad feel special this Sunday on Father’s Day.

Boots linked to want us to share our Dad moments.

May 11

Is sport for pre-school children a good thing?

The last thing young children need is another activity to cram in to their already busy schedules. In this day of technology, shouldn’t parents just get them home to watch TV, play a computer games or send an email? To chill out ! Luckily (in hindsight) my parents were very keen for me to get …

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Mar 16

Schools say they want to build strong partnerships with parents …

A primary school in the North of England held a football match with another school – all players were 7 and 8 year olds keen to show off their skills to their parents. However, as the mums and dads began to arrive they were asked for identification and if they had none the schools health …

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Mar 08

How things have changed! ( parenting trends compared between 70′s and now.)

My mum often says to me ‘that never happened in my day’ or ‘ I don’t know how you do it life was never so complicated when you were children’. Things definitely have changed over the decades – parenting can be tough and busy. Here are some statistics comparing the social trends of the 70’s …

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Mar 04

These cases are often traumatic with lifelong consequences.

     We recently came back from a family skiing holiday – the children always go to ski school where they have to wear helmets; my husband also wore a helmet this year – he said there had been so much publicity around injuries to skiers in the past few years that he thought it …

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Feb 20

Pancake day (for the cheats) Tuesday February 21st

           Long are the days where I would waste precious hours on Pancake Day slaving in the kitchen to prepare two dozen pancakes that would be eaten in…2 minutes. Rather frustrating isn’t it? So this year, for the first time, I will use ready-made ones. Not even the ones that come …

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