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Mar 16

Schools say they want to build strong partnerships with parents …

A primary school in the North of England held a football match with another school – all players were 7 and 8 year olds keen to show off their skills to their parents. However, as the mums and dads began to arrive they were asked for identification and if they had none the schools health …

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Feb 22

A working mother’s life in pictures !


a mother’s life in pictures  click here to see all It was just ‘another day for mum in the office’  and for little Victoria Ronzulli. For me and countless European newspapers these images were the pictures of the week (well, last week anyway…). Toddler, Victoria,  joined her mum, Licia Ronzulli, an Italian euro MP in a …

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Feb 20

Pancake day (for the cheats) Tuesday February 21st

           Long are the days where I would waste precious hours on Pancake Day slaving in the kitchen to prepare two dozen pancakes that would be eaten in…2 minutes. Rather frustrating isn’t it? So this year, for the first time, I will use ready-made ones. Not even the ones that come …

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Feb 07

Safer Internet Day : Connecting Generations

You know the internet can be a wonderful platform for children to learn and communicate, but you also know that it can be a dangerous place. So have you done what you should as a parent and blocked some sites, put some filters in place, checked their latest browsing history? It’s not about intruding on …

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Feb 01

Why shouldn’t my little boy go to ballet?

I got a lot of raised eyebrows and the sadly expectable homophobic comments when my son Max started ballet aged 3 – of his own choice. I have to say I relished the opportunity to show off my feminist credentials and was very inspired a university course I loved about gender differentiation which insisted that …

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Jan 29

Why is the sky blue?


Why does it rain? Why is the sun yellow? Why is water wet? Ever felt puzzled by your children’s questions? You are not alone. According to a survey by The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair conducted among 2,000 parents, 65% of UK children are puzzling them with complex scientific queries and almost …

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Jan 26

The cost of raising a child increases (again) to £218,024

We know that raising children, on top of often being emotionally draining and probably shaving a few years off our life expectancy, can also be an expensive hobby. Cue the latest survey from LV=, the friendly society, which shows that the cost of raising a child, from birth to their 21st birthday, has increased to …

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Dec 18

Top Tips on how to wrap your Christmas Presents

Ever had trouble wrapping those small or big Christmas Presents – the paper doesn’t fit, the shape doesn’t lend itself to an easy fold, it’s so small that it is bound to get lost under the Christmas tree ….. Well help is now at hand – here are some top tips and you can also …

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Dec 07

Kids No Longer Believe In Santa

Apparently children are finding out ‘the truth’ about Father Christmas at a far earlier age than we did as children. Most of us were about 10 when we discovered ‘the truth’ about Santa, whereas children today are finding out as early as 7 years old, and some boys find out that Father Christmas doesn’t exist …

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Nov 24

Mums are the backbone of the family unit.

Did you know that on average a mum spends the equivalent of 1,135 days or five and a half years doing chores from housework to homework and they spend up to 2,180 hours and 52 minutes or more than 90 days in the kitchen!!!

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