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Jun 22

Finger food hazards

This is the story of when an innocent grape given to a toddler to snack on became life threatening. When Luke was 14 months old he was given a few grapes as a snack only to find one got caught down his wind pipe and he was unable to breath. Limp and unconscious he was …

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Jan 26

The cost of raising a child increases (again) to £218,024

We know that raising children, on top of often being emotionally draining and probably shaving a few years off our life expectancy, can also be an expensive hobby. Cue the latest survey from LV=, the friendly society, which shows that the cost of raising a child, from birth to their 21st birthday, has increased to …

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Nov 24

Mums are the backbone of the family unit.

Did you know that on average a mum spends the equivalent of 1,135 days or five and a half years doing chores from housework to homework and they spend up to 2,180 hours and 52 minutes or more than 90 days in the kitchen!!!

Jul 21

Kids who skip breakfast are fatter than average by the age of 10 years.

No matter how much time I give myself in the mornings I am always in a rush to get the kids to school. I walk the dogs, empty the dishwasher, get my mind sorted for the day ahead – but waking, dressing and feeding the children before school is always a challenge. They never seem …

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Jun 09

On a hot day when your kids long for an ice cream or lolly do you say yes?

I remember some time ago when my daughter was 2,  I was out on a walk with a friend when an ice cream van ‘ding donged’ its way past us.  With a sprint in my step I shouted come on ‘let’s all get an ice cream’ – what a treat.  No, my friend insisted, Ella …

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Mar 29

Top 5 Baby Products

Becoming a parent has a lot of challenges. Facing sleepless nights, choices over breast or bottle, deciding on being a Stay-at-Home-Mum or going back to work, all of those firsts. After a bit of time under your belt you become much more savvy, don’t you? You start to look at other parents and expectant parents …

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Feb 28

Sitaaray- Bollywood Themed Family Fun Restaurant

Sitaaray-Bollywood Themed Family Fun Restaurant: Just a short walk from Covent Garden tube station, this Bollywood themed restaurant with its colourful exterior is hard to miss. Decorated generously with posters from every era of Indian movie releases, Sitaaray’s truly magical setting transports you into a world of glamour, drama and enchantment from the moment you …

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