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Jul 12

Child Obesity vs Body Image

This week is National Childhood Obesity Week and the timing is interesting as it comes straight after a government recommendation that all school children should take part in compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons. What do you think these lessons will entail? We have two extreme issues here – on the one hand our children …

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Jun 28

What are your views on child safety?

Are you a parent that sees danger at every turn? Someone who’s afraid your child will get snatched/hurt and injured wherever they are? Or do you feel that the world has gone health and safety mad? Whatever your take we’d like to hear about it. Let us know your feelings, thoughts and experiences on being …

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Apr 20

Girl aged 6 handcuffed and put in cell !

What do you do when your child is having a tantrum ?  How do you control it, stop it? Most mothers know the signs, the triggers and have a way to resolve it, but not before you cringe with embarrassment. Most children’s tantrums die down as they get older but every so often even my …

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Feb 10

Would you know if your child was unhappy?

The Good Childhood Report 2012 reveals that at any moment half a million children across the UK are unhappy with their lives. That’s half a million too many. These children are less likely to enjoy being at home with their family, do not feel as safe when with their friends, often dislike the way they …

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Feb 03

Is it ok for parents to let children’s boyfriend or girlfriend stay at home?

Call me old-fashioned but something caught my attention in the tube the other day. A couple of teenagers were cuddling-up and kissing in the seats opposite whilst the girl’s mum sat next to them. I know she was the girl’s mum because they looked like twins born 30 years apart. They seemed to be in …

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Feb 01

Why shouldn’t my little boy go to ballet?

I got a lot of raised eyebrows and the sadly expectable homophobic comments when my son Max started ballet aged 3 – of his own choice. I have to say I relished the opportunity to show off my feminist credentials and was very inspired a university course I loved about gender differentiation which insisted that …

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Sep 15

Are our kids taking advantage?

Only last night my 8 year old took me to a page on Amazon and said ’ I have to have this – all my friends at school have one and if I dont have it I will look stupid and wont be able to play with the crowd at lunch break because I wont have this toy to allow me …

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Aug 23

Have you ever humiliated your child in public?

I was in a department shop once when a mother screamed and humiliated her twin 5 year olds who hid behind the fashions she was picking out in embrassment. I was a young 20 something and questioned the mother as to what they had done to deserve such madness. She yelled at me asking if I has …

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Jun 16

We all know how hard it is to ignore a text, even when you know it’s not going to be nice!

A call to catch up with friends, a text with the latest gossip and a quick look on Facebook  - we all want 24/7 availability – but is this a culture we should be passing down to our children? Adults in the main have control of their phone usage –and can ignore unwanted or unnecessary …

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Feb 07

Every Seven Minutes

Every seven minutes someone is bullied at school. 19% of parents, in a recent survey expressed that the mobile phone is the main cause of bullying in schools.  It may be not having a phone or having one! Nearly all parents believed that not fitting in, or not being “cool” is the main reason for …

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