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Austin is onto a winner once again ! Internet safety for the home.

austin healey in strictlyEx England and Lions Rugby Union international, Austin Healey, `and of course ex winner of Strictly Come Dancing!’ is urging parent to be more vigilant when allowing children to use the internetAustin, father of four daughters, aged between six and 13 years, will be the face for BT Parental Controls new campaign.
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“If you have young children, I would really urge you to spend a couple of minutes setting up your BT Parental Controls. As a parent, there are an endless number of things to worry about, so don’t make the internet one of them. It really does take a matter of minutes and a few clicks of a mouse to protect your children online and it will give you the peace of mind of knowing they are using the internet more safely.”BT Parental Controls is a network-based filter that helps make it easier for families to control what their children can see online. It blocks inappropriate content and filters out potentially harmful websites on all devices. These range from PCs, laptops and games consoles to tablets and smartphones that are connected to the BT Home Hub or when customers use their BT ID to connect to a BT wi-fi hotspot, of which there are more than five million in the UK, The filter is free to all BT Broadband customers.

Activating BT Parental Controls is quick and easy to do – there’s no software to download and once it is set up, customers can amend their filter level to suit their family’s needs.

The filters can be set to automatically turn on and off at particular times, for example to act as a “watershed” and it can also be set for “homework time” when children are studying

New customers are automatically offered the option of setting up their BT Parental Controls when they connect their BT Home Hub. BT has committed to the Government to contact all existing customers by December 2014 to decide whether they would like to activate BT Parental Controls and this is underway. Existing customers can turn on the controls by logging into My BT at bt.com.

Austin Healey added: “The internet is a hugely valuable tool for children and I want to encourage my daughters to use it positively. Having got my BT Parental Controls in place, I am now confident that my children will be able to use the web positively to learn, interact and explore their curiosity and creativity, without being exposed to sites that my wife and I do not want them to see.”

Childalert also suggest you talk franking to children about the pros and cons of using the internet and as a bit of fun as well as focus – why not have a parent/child family contract where you benefit from each other – the kids help parents understand a bit more and the children agree to access rules .

Here are Austin’s top five tips for keeping children safe online:

1. You can’t watch them all the time, I’m a father of four girls and it’s just not physically possible to be there all the time, that’s why you need all the help you can get by doing things like installing BT Parental Controls on your network

2. Trust children to make some mistakes, especially teenagers they need to be able to self police and be in control so you need to allow them to make some mistakes. You just want this to be within safe boundaries so it’s a smaller mistake rather than a big one

3. Explain to them that the internet is here forever – you don’t put a picture on the internet and it disappears, it will still there when you go for a job, your children go for a job so you have to think carefully about what’s out there

4. Teach kids how the internet works so that they can use it as the great resource it is. This of course depends a bit on how old they are, if I tried to teach my teenage daughter how to use the internet she’d look at me like I was crazy! Talk about online risks at the right age, you don’t want to scare them but you don’t want to miss the boat either, these days I think right age is around 8 years old.

5. Internetmatters.com is a great site for parents to visit for tips and support for looking after their children online.

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