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Are your children at risk from wearing the wrong shoes?

Girls_shoes1-1Parents may be putting their children’s health at risk by not providing them with the correct footwear.

While we all know wearing ill-fitting shoes can be uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis, causing blisters, ingrown toe nails and sores on children’s feet, there are even more serious side effects to simply wearing a badly fitting shoe. Over time, foot deformities can develop, along with knee and even posture problems.

Feet are designed to take body weight and give mobility essential to quality of life.  Whilst vast amounts of money is spent on educating people to look after themselves nutritionally and physically, little effort is made to educate them on the importance of foot-health, and their child’s.

Children’s feet aren’t fully-formed until they reach their late teens; their bones are still changing and developing, therefore it is a crucial time to nurture the growth process.

According to children’s clothing specialist, Vertbaudet, who are working hard to raise awareness of this issue, children’s shoes need to be designed to support the arches and back of the feet, they should have sturdy soles and be made from robust materials for even more support.

Many mothers find it difficult to choose the right shoes for their children, since not only the size but also the shape of the foot needs to be taken into account. It is vital to ensure shoes are fitted by a trained professional to safeguard against ill fitting shoes that can cause long lasting damage to a child’s feet. The children’s clothing specialist works with an in-house Podiatrist and shoe designer, to ensure every detail of comfort and support is taken into consideration.

Children’s shoes need to have a good counter that is rigid enough to support the rear of the child’s foot. This will give the child vertical and dynamic balance. And the soles, which should offer an integrated arch system, also reinforce this balance and increase both the static and dynamic stepping of the child.Philippe Pelligand, Vertbaudet Podiatrist

Choosing the correct footwear for your child really is a priority for mother and baby, and for the child’s future development.

An insightful video full of tips and information can be found at www.vertbaudet.co.uk/page/shoes-video.htm

Guest post by Vertbaudet Vertbaudet


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