Nov 14

Anyone thinking of getting a smartphone this Christmas?

Once again technology seems to be the most talked about conversation in our household in the lead up to Christmas.

There is always that debate about whether it is necessary for children to own a mobile phone or to have a computer lap top when it will only encourage more screen time, will be yet another item that potentially could get lost or stolen, whether they are indeed old enough to be responsible and anyway who are they going to contact.

On the other hand a phone does have its safety benefits, it would be nice to be in contact as they become more independent. Technology is the way of the world and we shouldn’t hold our kids back …. and so it goes on.

What are your views?

Have a read of this article – is the phone an addiction, a necessity or just fun?

If you do decide to buy a smartphone this Christmas whether for your kids or you how about purchasing one of these Pong Rugged protective cases too – it does make sense. I have one – they are sturdy colourful and great to hold onto.

There are a lot of protective smartphone cases on the market but the new Pong Rugged case offers protection not only for phones, but people. The Pong Rugged is designed to offer extra tough protection for your phone by encasing it in tough polycarbonate chassis and resilient hard rubber. This case provides protection for your phone for drops of up to about 8 feet onto concrete, making it child proof! In addition to this very handy level of protection from small slippy fingers the Pong Rugged case is also designed to protect you and your little ones by using an antenna in the back of the case to draw out the radiation your smartphone emits towards the back of the phone and away from the head and body.

With Government guideline’s warning under 16s not to use phone due to radiation exposure the Pong Rugged case offers protection for children whilst allowing them to still use their phones.

In addition to this protective element the antenna in the case also serves to improve your signal, which is a fantastic bonus! All in all the Pong Rugged case is a good option for anyone concerned about both keeping their phone in one piece and the possible health issues surrounding smartphone radiation.

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