Street Smart Kids blog will provide parents and children with a voice. We will be looking for parental and child input to share experiences on a variety of issues and will start a healthy debate on child safety and welfare issues. In addition to hot topics in the news we will discuss holiday and seasonal issues. Street Smart Kids is the blog for Childalert.


Childalert was founded by Clare Scott Dryden after her eight-month-old baby fell down a flight of stairs onto a stone floor. She says she was unaware her baby even had the ability to move let alone crawl unaided to the top of a stair well. Clare had no stairgates in place and she founded Childalert after this experience to alert other parents to preventable safety issues in the home. Childalert soon developed into a portal of information about all aspects of safety both in the home and out and about. It now includes parental advice on technology, special needs, product recall and numerous other concerns for all ages from pregnancy to the teenage years.

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