Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 17

Weekend Fun – taking the kids out

Before your children have to cram their time with their studies or their social life, take advantage of week-ends to share the multiple activities on hand close-by. Everyone will benefit from these past-times as they will not have spent time in front of the tv nor on their video games: the further advantages of outdoor …

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Mar 13

Pet’s Death Reminds Parents to Be Safe with E-Cigs Around Kids

A 14-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy has unfortunately died after drinking a bottle of electronic cigarette liquid left on a dining room table. The dog’s owner maintained that he was unaware of how lethal the liquid could be, saying the electronic cigarette manufacturer needs to do a better job of making consumers aware. The bottle …

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Mar 11

Good holiday destinations for children

When the children start reaching anywhere between five and seven, you can start rethinking your family holidays with a vengeance so start saving! Rajasthan, India As the tale goes, Rajasthan is proud to flaunt its hundred thousand dazzling saris which is a must for any keen traveller: the rainbow shades will capture the kids’ imagination …

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Mar 07

How do Noise and Light Affect a Child?

  Ever walked into a room and had to really squint your eyes because the lighting was so poor? Likewise, have you ever been deafened by incredibly loud music or sounds in a room and found yourself wishing you could leave? Well, the same goes for our children in the environments in which they play, …

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Mar 04

It’s pancake day ! My favourite …..

How to make fool proof pancakes We are so looking forward to our pancakes this evening … are you making some if so follow this fool proof recipe – the kids will love them. Basic pancake recipe 
(makes about 12 small pancakes)   ▪                100g white plain flour ▪                1 egg ▪                150ml milk ▪                150ml …

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