Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 24

Kids Eat FREE Special Offer

Kids Eat Free during Half term before 5pm (No voucher required) Choose your closest restaurant and give your kids a treat this half term. Simply enter your postcode by clicking here to find your nearest place to eat.     Terms and Conditions 1.This offer entitles one child to a free kids’ main meal per …

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May 21

How to Prevent Accidental Window Falls at Home

The leading cause of injuries among children five years of age and younger is falling, with approximately fifteen thousand kids under the age of eleven falling from windows each year. On average, fifteen to twenty of those falls are fatal. According to emergency medicine specialists, kids that live in urban areas are at an especially …

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May 14

School doesn’t always have to mean head lice

Head lice are a fact of life for most parents, particularly during term time when children’s close proximity allows them to spread quickly, with one in three children likely to get head lice during the school year[1]. Here’s a quick guide to the pesky things. What are they? Head lice are small insect (about 2.5mm …

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May 06

Signs that Your Child Has a Speech and Language Delay

A lot of parents do not know exactly how to understand their child’s behavior. In fact, many go years without noticing a condition that plagues their child. This is because most people are not doctors and always want to assume their child is just like everyone else. However, it is important to always be on …

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