Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 23

What time do your children go to bed ?

We have a very strict routine in our household – bedtime for all our children(they range from 6-13) during the week is by 8 pm – they should try to sleep which mostly they do or otherwise read. Not only de we believe children need a good nights sleep but we need an evening! It …

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Mar 16

Schools say they want to build strong partnerships with parents …

A primary school in the North of England held a football match with another school – all players were 7 and 8 year olds keen to show off their skills to their parents. However, as the mums and dads began to arrive they were asked for identification and if they had none the schools health …

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Mar 12

The Forgotten Baby Syndrome

The ‘Forgotten baby syndrome’ is becoming a serious worry as mothers are busy juggling family, home and work! ? It seems unthinkable – accidentally leaving your baby for hours, but lots of busy parents do it with devastating consequences Karen, a professional devoted mum goes on trial today for the murder of her baby son …

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Mar 08

How things have changed! ( parenting trends compared between 70′s and now.)

My mum often says to me ‘that never happened in my day’ or ‘ I don’t know how you do it life was never so complicated when you were children’. Things definitely have changed over the decades – parenting can be tough and busy. Here are some statistics comparing the social trends of the 70’s …

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Mar 07

Pregnant Stacey Solomon caught smoking

Seven months pregnant Stacey Solomon was caught smoking four cigarettes in two hours as she stood in an alley way clutching her baby bump. ‘My Doctor said I could’ was her only comment ! The 22-year-old told The People newspaper: I know it doesn’t look good but I only have a few cigs a day.’ …

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Mar 04

These cases are often traumatic with lifelong consequences.

     We recently came back from a family skiing holiday – the children always go to ski school where they have to wear helmets; my husband also wore a helmet this year – he said there had been so much publicity around injuries to skiers in the past few years that he thought it …

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Mar 01

Mum and Baby doing well!

A gorilla who was taken off the Pill on Valentine’s Day last year has given birth to a baby. Mother Asili – one of the six female Western Lowland gorillas at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Surrey – gave birth to the youngster last week  (Thursday 23rd February), and both mother and baby appear …

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