Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 18

Top Tips on how to wrap your Christmas Presents

Ever had trouble wrapping those small or big Christmas Presents – the paper doesn’t fit, the shape doesn’t lend itself to an easy fold, it’s so small that it is bound to get lost under the Christmas tree ….. Well help is now at hand – here are some top tips and you can also …

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Dec 07

Kids No Longer Believe In Santa

Apparently children are finding out ‘the truth’ about Father Christmas at a far earlier age than we did as children. Most of us were about 10 when we discovered ‘the truth’ about Santa, whereas children today are finding out as early as 7 years old, and some boys find out that Father Christmas doesn’t exist …

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Dec 06

A book worth reading – the story of the ethical elephants

  I discovered this beautifully illustrated and exciting adventure book called Afindica which I read to my daughter. She adored the elephants and became captivated by their charm and presence.   Afindica would make a wonderful Christmas present and it also offers a strong moral standing – helping to save the elephants while also giving …

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Dec 03

Great Christmas recipes from Kirstie Allsopp

Three gorgeous Christmas recipes : Spiced Plum Pud These sponge puddings are the epitome of comfort food – serve with lashings of hot custard or pour over some evaporated milk for extra indulgence.  They’ re so easy and also only take 25 minutes to steam rather than a few hours with this quick oven method…. …

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