Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 31

Give me a family home i don’t want to live in care no more!

3,000 children were adopted in England last year but there are 65,000 children in care today !! A black child is three times less likely to be adopted than a white child !! It seems there is currently a shortage of prospective adopters and foster carers but I know couples desperate and who have pleaded with …

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Oct 18

The average age of a child’s first unsupervised drink is just under 14 years old

   Early intervention is best. It is vitally important to educate your child about the effects of alcohol before they become teenagers. Giving children the facts about alcohol from an early age ensures they have accurate information to understand or challenge what their friends tell them and to make responsible drinking decisions when they are faced …

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Oct 14

Did your parents tell you the same lies that you tell your kids?

My little girl creates the most comical monkey face and all the sounds that go with it – however someone  had mentioned that when the wind blows her face will remain that way ….. she asked nervously on the way to school this morning how she could tell when the wind would be changing direction … What white …

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