Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 27

I was horrified when I read this article about Adders in the Telegraph …….

A year ago a gardener friend rang me to say that I had a large number of snakes in my garden and that he thought they were Adders … and there were plenty more eggs waiting to hatch.! I went into overdrive wondering what to do, who to call, how to get rid of them. The …

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Jun 21

Is it just my friends or are parents in general unaware of the dangers surrounding water?

Here are three stories of children who very nearly drowned – their parents were with them when these accidents occurred but somehow they were either not concentrating or failed to realize the potential danger of children around water. Don’t they know that drowning is the third biggest cause of accidental death in the UK. Story …

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Jun 19

Child Safety Week 2011

We don’t want to ‘wrap children in cotton wool’. Scrapes and bruises are part of growing up. But we don’t think children should die, or be disabled or disfigured, in accidents that can be prevented. And even small changes – around your home or to your everyday routines – can make big differences to children’s …

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Jun 16

We all know how hard it is to ignore a text, even when you know it’s not going to be nice!

A call to catch up with friends, a text with the latest gossip and a quick look on Facebook  - we all want 24/7 availability – but is this a culture we should be passing down to our children? Adults in the main have control of their phone usage –and can ignore unwanted or unnecessary …

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Jun 09

On a hot day when your kids long for an ice cream or lolly do you say yes?

I remember some time ago when my daughter was 2,  I was out on a walk with a friend when an ice cream van ‘ding donged’ its way past us.  With a sprint in my step I shouted come on ‘let’s all get an ice cream’ – what a treat.  No, my friend insisted, Ella …

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Jun 08

It’s raining cats and dogs

What a peculiar expression meaning it is raining very heavily. Or what about ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ – apparently that expression is not about two people at ‘each other’s throats’. The term simply describes a great racket (noise) caused by falling rain. Domestic dogs and cats actually get on well together. My children would …

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