Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 31

Hot off the Press 31 January

At Street Smart Kids blog we try to bring you the latest and greatest news stories related to parents and parenting. Here’s some of this week’s best. What are your thoughts? Let us know! Visit Childalert for more exciting information throughout the week. How do you feel about partners being allowed in the delivery room …

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Jan 27

Too Much Sunscreen?

Is it actually possible to put on too much sunscreen? We are bombarded with advertisements and articles about the dangers of UV rays and the importance of sunscreen. Recently, The Telegraph reported on a story about a young UK girl who has been diagnosed with the early stages of rickets. Rickets is caused by a …

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Jan 26

Preparing for Your New Arrival

Having a baby is a very special time but also very financially demanding for new parents; particularly in these times of economic hardship.  Babies and young children grow out of their ‘as good as new’ possessions in every sense very quickly along with the need for replacement.  With this in mind alongside reducing waste and …

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Jan 25

Parent Speak: Big Society?

What is Cameron’s Big Society? We’ve been hearing a great deal about this in the media lately so what do you think? It seems it is about empowering the people. He said in his speech at Liverpool last week, individual groups should be able to run post offices, libraries, transport services and shape housing projects. …

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Jan 24

Hot Off The Press- 24 January

Every week, Street Smart Kids and Childalert website will bring you the latest news, hot off the press. The stories we bring you will focus on the hot topics in the news, important information for parents and the latest safety highlights. Being a stay-at home dad ‘tiring but very rewarding’ Parents should be taught how …

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Jan 17

Are you a Tiger Mummy?

There is a controversial new book out by Amy Chua, a Chinese-American mum, called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. She talks about the difference in bring up children the Asian way and that of the Western mother. The publishing of this book has been covered all over the media and everyone is talking about …

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Jan 14

Too Much Too Soon?

Is popular culture forcing our children to grow up too soon? These days the media seems to be bombarding us with images of overly sexualised pop stars, television stars and movie stars. Even CDs and DVDs aimed at young children have scantily clad pop stars prancing about! Stores like Primark and even M&S have been …

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Jan 12

Back to School Fun & Games

Phew! After a very long break the kids are back at school – we’re now back on the treadmill of early mornings and nagging our delightful children to just ‘get on with it’ . What you are like at the school gate? Are you a “Drop Off Mum” who confidently says “See you later, love!” …

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