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What to look out for when you're 7 weeks pregnant

Although it's still one of the earlier stages of pregnancy, there are a number of changes you'll expect to see when you're around 7 weeks pregnant. At this point, looking after yourself and helping your immune system becomes essential, as this is when you're baby will begin one of the most important stages of development. This includes the growth of both a digestive tract and the breathing passages that will later form his or her lungs.

With all this in mind, if you've so far taken the risk of a glass of wine here or there, now is the time to re-evaluate. While the NHS does say that between one and two units once or twice each week is acceptable, there are many who choose to stay clear of alcohol completely by this point. Of course, excessive alcohol consumption is something that could have a serious effect on your unborn child, so if you do have a tendency to let one drink turn into more, it might be advisable to take the teetotal approach if you want to avoid the kind of foetal problems associated with drinking while pregnant.

Equally, if you are a smoker and have yet to give up, now is most definitely the time to get serious about it. You may feel as if the odd cigarette won't do you much damage, but the truth is every single puff is inviting dangerous chemicals into your lungs at a time when the oxygen supply to your baby s absolutely vital. With so much help available from the NHS and a range of supporting campaigns, there really is no excuse.

But when it comes to what you should be doing at 7 weeks, there are plenty of things to think about. Eating healthily at this point is crucial and your immune system will do much better with fresh fruit  and vegetables. Preparing your food is equally important as you will want to avoid food poisoning at any cost. You must regularly wash your hands and make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Folic acid in pregnancy is great for a range of things during your baby's development, but so too are supplements if you feel you aren't getting enough from your diet.

Looking after yourself is paramount at every stage of your pregnancy, but by getting into good habits as early as possible, you'll be giving your baby the best possible start when they make their way into the big wide world.




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