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Knives, Cleaning Products and Appliances – How Safe is Your Home?

With almost half a million children under the age of five taken to hospital every year because of accidents at home, child safety should certainly be the first priority when you bring your baby home for the first time. There are obviously several rooms which are more dangerous to children than others, the most obvious being the kitchen. With hobs sizzling and pans boiling, there are hundreds of hazards in this room alone. With so many potential risks it can be hard to know where to start in your battle against danger. So here are just a few of the ways you can make your kitchen a safer place for your child:

Cleaning materials should be locked away. Children are incredibly curious and cupboards are extremely alluring to inquisitive little nippers. By moving cleaning products from low-lying cupboards to out of reach places you can significantly cut the chances for your child being able to get hold of chemicals.

Beware of scissors, knives and forks, as I am sure you are aware they are incredibly dangerous. You should store them in a safe place and never leave them lying around.

Hot liquid should never be left unattended. Kettles should be kept at the back of work tops and should be emptied after every use. Remember, even a cup of tea can scald a child 15 minutes after being poured. The same can be said about saucepans, you need to make sure that their handles are turned inward when cooking. You should also make sure that your child is supervised when you are using the oven, as the oven door can heat up quickly and may burn your child.

Make sure that washing and drying machines are unplugged and the door is always kept closed. Other appliances such as irons should be kept well out of reach of toddlers. Irons are both heavy and hot, and can really hurt any toddler who reaches for the cord and pulls.

There are several products designed to make your kitchen safer, including hob guards, cupboard locks, and even oven door locks. By investing in these products you can significantly cut the chance of accidents in your kitchen. But remember your child should never be left unattended in your kitchen.


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